Jacqui Green

Second Blossoming Mentor

Mid-life reclaim your limitless potential

I am a mid-wife a mentor

Create a life you love

Reclaim your joy and limitless potential

from a place of love a place of peace.

Are you are ready to choose again?

Interested and inspired by nature?

Your courgeous heart saying it is time?

lets see if working together is a possibility

Reclaim your joy

Explore limitless potential

Create a life you love

Remember who you are

You are welcome to book a free 30min call

my gift to you is my free ebook Second Blossoming


 If you are…

Experiencing a transition such as peri menopause, menopause, redundancy, children leaving home, divorce, infertility, have a vision, creative life , inspired by nature , feel there has to be more than this…..reclaim your joy

Jacqui as your Second Blossoming Mentor

“I have a garden to create and it is to beautiful not to share” Jacqui Green 2020

Flower essences provide support for you to explore deeper, it is a journey of unlearning and remembering our true nature. As your mentor on this  journey the opportunity to take a deep dive and sow the seeds to create the life which brings you joy.

“flow with space”

Private Consultations

Diving deeper together may include Bach flower remedies, Reiki, movement (yoga and dance), meditations and relaxation.

Group Programmes

Second Blossoming – a programme for women.

Creative living inspired to live the life you choose





Retreats, Workshops, Classes and so much more...

Weekend and day workshops to inspire you to choose again. Inspired by nature, walking meditation, movement, food and so much more…


Bach Flower Consultations

"Health depends on being in harmony with our soul"  Dr Bach 1932 free thyself

Flower essences are a gentle way of working with the emotions to bring us back into alignment with Joy and wisdom.

Lets explore together one step at a time

Emotions such as  overwhelm, lonliness, grief, life changes, anger , menopause peri and post menopause peri and post menopause years



Second Blossoming Alchemy group programme

Second Blossoming 12 week group programme for women from 45-60 inspired to live the life you choose as you move through the seasons

" I have a garden to create to beautiful not to share" Jacqui Green 2020

Nature Inspired Yoga

'Movement Inspired by nature yoga, breath and relaxation classes


personal plans on zoom , future workshops , retreats, moon gatherings and more

new inperson classes starting November 2022

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