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I had an early menopause. I was 38yrs old which led to a cascade of transitions.

to choose again…

This when I came across the Bach Flower essences almost 25 years ago and started to heal myself. I went to various workshops and completed various Bach Flower essence training with Healing Herbs in London and recently myBach Flower Practitioner course with the Bach Flower School

 I have been self employed for 14yrs , I trained as a Dru yoga teacher 2006-2008

I am also a reiki  practitoner, facilitate meditation, relaxation techniques, workshops and retreats, I have also been a hairdresser, inclusion facilitator and a teacher in adult education, I have a pgce in Adult education

 Creativity in my work and life is an ongoing process, a sense of freedom to express myself without limitation brings me joy.

I believe we have all experienced 2020 /2022 ongoing in many different ways.   I have had the opportunity to get really clear on where and how I would like my life to blossom creatively inspired by nature to live the life I choose .

You are welcome to join me on this journey….

“I have a garden to create and it is to beautiful not to share” Jacqui Green (2020)

The garden I speak of is the different elements of a garden we can see our life relationships, work, health, finances, spirituality, communication, creativity , lifestyle, home, beliefs, energy levels, love and so much more…

To share natures gifts and for you to create a life to embody  opportunities and choices .

From my heart to yours Jacqui xx

My ebook “Second Blossoming” gives a deeper insight into the journey we can take together. My ebook is available to buy for £5.99 email jacqui@secondblossoming.com

Bach Flower Consultations

"Health depends on being in harmony with our soul"  Dr Bach 1932 free thyself

Flower essences are a gentle way of working with the emotions to bring us back into alignment with Joy and wisdom.

Lets explore together one step at a time

Emotions such as  overwhelm, lonliness, grief, life changes, anger , menopause peri and post menopause peri and post menopause years



Second Blossoming Alchemy group programme

Second Blossoming 12 week group programme for women from 45-60 inspired to live the life you choose as you move through the seasons

" I have a garden to create to beautiful not to share" Jacqui Green 2020

Nature Inspired Yoga

'Movement Inspired by nature yoga, breath and relaxation classes


personal plans on zoom , future workshops , retreats, moon gatherings and more

new inperson classes starting November 2022

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