Bach Flower Consultations


Health depends on being in harmony with our soul” 

Dr Edward Bach 1932  free thyself


There is a Bach Flower Essence for every emotion.

Dr Bach’s 38 Flower Essences are a gentle support, they work on a vibrational level to gently support us as we move through often uncomfortable  emotions to restore us back to balance. Feeling more empowered which leads to feeling more joy and inspiration

Taking one step at a time if needed or it can be instantly transformational

Private consultations  include the option to send flower essence bottle to you  if (p&p is available ) or you may have your own essences at home or wish to buy

Investment Online prices 

For Sept 2023 – Feb 2024 special offer of £35-40 for 1hr

for the first 15 people to book 

please note p&p extra and remedy as you may have the essences already we can discuss this usually £5-£10 as a special offer (perhaps a great gift or a pay it forward gift)

to book a free discover Bach flowers call or pay see below or send me an email

after this special offer for 15 people

First consultations 60-75mins £50-£60

follow up consultations maybe a block we can discuss or ongoing sessions 45-60 mins £35-50

please note p&p extra and remedy as you may have the essences already we can discuss this usually £5-£10 as a special offer (perhaps a great gift)

In person consultations can be discussed and priced accordingly with a remedy to be posted to your home adding p&p


  I also believe in paying it forward so please contact me if funds are stopping you

 Payment plan also available.

sometimes it is just 1 remedy or working together for 12 weeks  (6 appointments and a check in in between and after) if interested, please send me a message below….

Kind Words 

“Using Jacqui’s Bach flower Remedies after one of her in-depth, fascinating, consultations was one of the best things I have done. Her Flower Remedies helped me achieve a trek in the Himalayas which without them I doubt I would have completed. Thank you Jacqui” (Helen Slater 2019)

Helen Slater


Bach Flower Consultations

"Health depends on being in harmony with our soul"  Dr Bach 1932 free thyself

Flower essences are a gentle way of working with the emotions to bring us back into alignment with Joy and wisdom.

Lets explore together one step at a time

Emotions such as  overwhelm, lonliness, grief, life changes, anger , menopause peri and post menopause peri and post menopause years



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