Welcome to my blog , I will be exploring natures remedies , flower essences and more and how they can support us on a practical and energetic level to remember who we truly are. May we all know Second Blossoming from love and joy.

I have been working with Dr Bach flowers essences for over 15yrs there are 38 to explore and I am still learning as life evolves the Joy and pain of life’s journey. I will be delving deeper into the following area’s and as I work energetically and with the moon. And will share anything else that I feel will support us at this time:

Fear (safety) , Uncertainty (indecision), Insufficient interest in present circumstances (feeling sleepy, daydreaming) , Loneliness , Oversensitive to Influences and Ideas, Despondency and Despair and Overcare for the Welfare of Others

I will be posting these blogs around the Full moon . If you would prefer to receive an email please send a message or subscribe and receive a free relaxation I called Earth Heart . I will also post a journal at the New moon as a reflection .

From my heart to yours


Love Jacqui x