Natures Remedies from Indecision uncertainty to reclaim your Joy , Sunflowers Birthday and Full Moon 

Do you at times feel indecisive , uncertain if you are making the right decision? Please enjoy this blog 

In my teens and twenties I was so decisive , and just went for it. In my thirties as a married woman, I felt different, pleasing others , compromise and often making no decision that served anyone …have you felt this ?

At 38 I started with an early menopause and the breakdown of my marriage, and other things  etc I felt rocked by life my confidence took a dive . I started using flower essences in my 40’s and yoga . My confidence returned even at times of deep pain , I reclaimed  my Joy to say yes to say no to Love not fear . And make my decisions from love , not always I might add…..

it has been an ongoing journey and I am still learning . I found the confidence to  start my own business teaching yoga Inspired by nature for all and create a life I loved …during my mid-50’s again a big transition and journeying with long covid (2020) I have had a lot of time to reflect as I move forward .

I feel a new sense of decision making , a confidence that is now  being reclaimed to live a life I choose and reclaim the joy instead of fear, lack, survival. So what better day to celebrate this day than on my Birthday.

Birthday at Lake Windermere Cumbria Uk 2022

I want to share with you how sneaky this can be creating decisions  from fear or love? 

For me discovering, being a student , learning on my own healing journey with the essences and now sharing flower essences for all, and natures inspiration. I am grateful for Dr Bach’s flower essences crossing my path it was a very good decision I said yes to, I will explain more in a different Blog post.

For now I would like to evoke your curiosity , as the witness , not taking anything personally. Take a few deep breaths and gently relax on the out breath you explore these questions see it from the observer perspective, when we relax we can see with awareness, the mind (ego ) can quieten briefly as we begin this journey … just give yourself perhaps 5-10 mins to answer. You may wish to listen to my Earth Heart relaxation

Here are some questions to be curious about 

1.©Do you often seek advice from others ?, and then feel it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, the guidance from others doesn’t feel in alignment with your heart, your soul. Something just doesn’t feel right .

2.©Lack confidence to make a decision without asking others ?

3.(s)Do you switch from deciding for one thing and then something else and can’t quite decide between the two?  How does this make you feel ?

4 (s). Perhaps you find it hard to discuss with others. A quiet person and carry the uncertainty /indecision alone

5.(g)Are you easily discouraged ? feel like you are making progress, maybe a new business, your  health , relationship , daily life , etc but any set back or small delay causes doubt and you feel dis- heartened and maybe give up…

6(h)Perhaps you believe there is a part of you that needs to learn more, be stronger physically before  you can start anything new. A kind of procrastination , resistance , overwhelm, mindset  everything feels to much , although you generally do succeed in completing a task , work can feel like a chore

After answering the question, see which one most resonates with you when you think about making decisions or when you feel uncertain. 

The full moon is a great time for reflection  from the time of the last new moon phase , below are perhaps how you wish to make decisions  in day to day life, big or what seem small decisions asking are they from love or fear.

 If question 1 or 2 resonated with you perhaps you wish to feel more confident just being you , safe to be you in your uniqueness , your creative , wise unique life .

CQ1&2 you confidently seek individuality and wisdom 

SQ3&4you are balanced and have a determination understanding steadfastness

GQ5  To know a deeper understanding we are not are perceptions science now acknowledges this and spiritual wisdom for many years

HQ6 You feel a renewed strength and support a deep inner strength to renew. , a deeper inner Joy as we remember the truth of who we truly are 

Or you wish to feel more balance in everyday life, and have the confidence from a deeper inner knowing, trusting your intuition and understanding from a deeper calling which often has no explanation so may feel risky but exciting , a divine spark to live your life , what I call Second Blossoming reclaim your Joy step by step. Like the sunflowers follow the sun the vibration of light .

I hope you enjoyed reflecting on the questions from the witness. The thing is to be kind to ourselves as we open hearts to the divine nature often hidden by life’s transitions, flower essences and natures remedies can open a window to the soul to Love .

I have found flower essences and nature’s remedies are like a beautiful garden to explore and share on a deeper level it is safe to be you , seeing beyond the physical emotional and mental you are so much more often we have just forgotten who we truly are . It is more of a remembering who we are.

I call this Second Blossoming to reclaim your Joy in remembering who you truly are you are the Love that you seek .

As Rumi quotes

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

from my heart to yours

Please feel free to comment or email me or subscribe at I will share more soon  on this subject and reflections as we move towards the new moon.

with love Jacqui x