I felt the full moon’s energy on  the 8th of Sept just before the full moon! It has been a rollercoaster of emotions from shock, grief, fear and also  joy, abundance, gratitude and balance as I have been navigating life or another way of saying it making decisions (see last blog) from love from joy and don’t be fooled choosing from these is not always easy sounds simple but maybe the hardest thing you commit to. Old wounds may arise , people pleasing, not worthy , guilt, shame, blame,anxiety add to the list….be honest with yourself as the observer , you are in truth none of these.

It has felt like a whirlwind these last few weeks, settling into a new rhythm with lots of appointments, and commitments and not a lot of control or preparation. Think what they say thrown in at the deep end … but I am swimming with and against the current at times those old goodies resistance, fear, flow , expansion…but I feel a loosening and a sharp awareness to witness the nonsense and choose again.

being in the moment

Have you felt like decluttering? I have , but have also been enjoying the late summer sunshine on my skin which has called me outdoors blackberry picking , yoga outdoors, walking and generally being in the present moment.

Also a great Joy, has been to see dear friends I have known for many years. Some I haven’t seen since 2019 we met halfway (long covid has zapped my energy for big events and travelling ) but the Summer has given me some energy and confidence I didn’t have in the Spring. A late bloomer this year…but felt like yesterday…

I made a decision, the thought of not seeing friends over the Winter, I committed to taking a step and I can say I am so grateful I did, a trip to Southport and Ilkley over the last week. My heart feels full , no photos I think say’s how present we were, I forgot haha.

 On Saturday and my trip to Ilkley my beautiful friend gifted me one of her paintings feels perfect for this time it is called ‘ the seed’ by Tracey Micklethwaite .

Autumn Equinox Mabon Blessings

Also I joined an online event with Julian Barnard from Healing Herbs (where I have attended my Bach Flower training) on the eve of Dr Bach’s birthday (founder of Bach flower Remedies) it was a beautiful , inspiring and humbling event , seeing the whole of the plant the gestures of each element within the whole. We are all connected , the language of plants is so inspiring .

We are not limiting beliefs, when all the labels and roles are taken away, we are still whole , we may feel fear but we are not the fear , we may think we are indecisive or decisive as good or bad . One is not better than the other it is not who we are. What I have come to realise during this period is that we are all whole, perfect and complete however short or long we spend on this beautiful Earth . It is remembering  who we truly are. I find I remember more deeply  when I connect to nature and the flower essences , an unlearning. Back to the Seed of Love Joy Peace Gratitude, Abundance. My journey with the Bach flowers and nature are my guides. 

Wishing you a beautiful Autumn Equinox and setting your intentions from Love for the next New moon cycle  the Libra New moon of balance and alignment . Sowing seeds of Second Blossoming

With Love Jacqui xx

Ps look out for Jupitar it has not been so close for 59 yrs this year! (the month of the year I was born!)