I am writing this on World Mental Health Awareness Day, it is important to be aware , what you you see on the outside may not be the whole story always be kind

They often say things come in 3’s from the last new moon to now I feel has been a time to act on decisions that bring me Joy .

I have felt deep gratitude to receive a gift of a  beautiful painting from a dear friend , to see the David Bowie film and also buy a long awaited poetry book . There are stories behind all of these and it all comes back to love.

Beautiful ‘Seed’ painting by Tracey Tregidga

at Micklethwaite Studios in Driffield UK, I feel this painting embraces the colours I see now , heart opening giving and receiving Love. Everything from the heart , life, work , creativity and more ….it reminds me of my values the main 3 have been Freedom, Courage (cour – courageous heart in French) and Love from those Joy and abundance and so much more . When I mediate with this painting its as if it transforms….

Elaine Dunstan ‘Simply as it is’ for me it is Poetry for the soul her poem Nature has been with me on my journey .

Agrimony one of Dr Bach’s The Twelve Healers

The lesson of this plant is to enable you to hold peace in the presence of all trials and difficulties until no one has the power to cause you irritation . ( CW.,105 1936)

The Bach flower Essence  that chose to come forward for this full moon has been Agrimony, one of Dr Bach ‘s Twelve Healers  (1930) from  the group of remedies for when we are over sensitive to ideas and circumstances. I found this remedy so supportive as I entered peri menopause and beyond , a light in the darkness

So instead of writing about them all, this one wanted to share its story .

On the outside it appears and its gestures as a  social plant, the life and soul of the party , carefree to look at as it dances in the breeze surrounded by other plants, on the roadside in the fields often not near its own like a big group of impatiens and it is often found growing down south ,the further north it hardly grows wild anymore .

So on the outside it looks confident and self assured, happy and abundant , but often within feels anxious , very little peace in mind or body, a restlessness , there is a deep suffering hidden away.

 When in the town or with others it uses a range of substance distractions to appear confident , happy etc some widely used others more subtle to avoid this deeper longing of peace.

 I feel even the distractions of social media and other less obvious distractions could be added to today. Being selective…perhaps asking is this inspiring me or adding to the suffering ….

But once we have an awareness from the witness of self compassion , we can see those patterns more clearly .

It’s like a new pair of glasses or switching a light on, clarity…small steps celebrating each one along the way. I feel this type of reflection can give us the energy to take the next step to living in alignment with Joy and truth from the heart . 

To experience life to the full David Bowie (my hero!) ,certainly did that , ever evolving , creative in so many ways his music, song writing , life art work watching the film was a beautiful reminder on so many levels as a woman of 59 and a wake up call!!

Agrimony resembles a church steeple you can see it in the distance , tall and the bright yellow of the flowers , whether on the roadside the fields , often when the flowers appear they look to earth  not the sun but as the flowers open they cannot help look to the sun that confidence and peace, feeling safe to be who they truly are. There are no thorns, just soft hairs which again link to emotions, sensitive.

In France Agrimony was used as a liver herb , the liver is linked to deep emotions , toxins etc and is still used today as a detox clearing away anything that no longer serves us .This sense of learning from experiences , forgiveness and acceptance. 

As we alchemise we may find what once was a mask is no longer needed. My body started to reject alcohol , the hangovers!! during menopause…I had a choice I chose to take a break from alcohol and the break just continued. Into years , but I still have a great time. Others may feel uncomfortable but that is there journey there is no judgement.

Agrimony reminds us of alignment between Divine and earth , the beautiful yellow, restoring body and mind feeling into the alignment of the soul. Can we confident to live from Joy a creativity that lights us up , its hard it has been hard and may possibly be hard but I feel Agrimony if your soul type as a healing herb can restore the balance , no one or nothing will take that away from you . Inner peace Inner self- love and Joy . Agrimony has always had a special place in my heart, it reminds me to be me, we do not need to wear a mask to be loved . And if you would love to know more please contact me to find out more my website is secondblossoming.com

Love Jacqui xx