Mid-life mentor reclaim your…

Second Blossoming

limitless potential your joy

create a life you love…

Are you ready to choose again?

Mid -life , times of transistion menopause, infertility, divorce, grief and beyond as a time of deep wisdom to remember  the truth

  with love

Jacqui Green

Bespoke 121 private consultations using Bach Flower Remedies

supported by Bach flowers essences ..

You may have a vision or it maybe something more specific. Lets explore together one step at a time

sometimes just 1 session or a longer journey together.

A combination consultation may include Bach flower Remedies  movement, yoga, meditation,

reiki ,creative activity, inspiration from nature

Consultations  start from £45- £100


to arrange a no obligation 30min phone call or video chat

I also believe in paying it forward so please contact me if funds are stopping you.

Payment plan also available

sometimes it is just 1 remedy or working together for 12 weeks  (6 appointments and a check in in between if interested email jacqui@secondblossoming.com

Movement Inspired by nature and yoga classes and personal plans on zoom and in person , future workshops , retreats, moon gatherings and more...


Facebook –¬† ¬†Inspired by Nature Second Blossoming

Inspired by Nature classes on zoom to  restore renew and relax into your creativity and love feeling into your creative courageous heart

online classes  now available

Friday 10.30am -11.30am

Tuesday  7.30-8.30pm

personal plans small groups available

contact for prices

4 classes £20 or £6 booked/drop in


Jacqui Green –¬† Inspired by Nature Second Blossoming¬† facebook page

Also workshops, moon gatherings and grove circles , opportunities to share together and discover the joy of nature to inspire and empower us on this creative journey

Second Blossoming a 12 week journey and opportunity for women inspired to live the life you choose...

Second Blossoming¬† ” I have a garden to create to beautiful not to share” Jacqui Green 2020

During lockdown and long covid (ongoing ) I wrote an ebook , Bach flowers have always been a passion I have used them since 2002¬† divorce ,infertility, grief, fears etc I then went on to complete some training with Healing Herbs and my on intuitive connection with nature which I touch on in my Ebook and other parts of my journey which has led me to create this offering for women to choose again ….

my free ebook to discover more or book a call if you are ready and willing to choose again..

I am arranging some workshops as introductions to this programme which is from my heart to yours . For courageous heart warriors who wish to choose again .. email me for more information I can send video to you ebook and ask any questions. So much love

workshops Autumn/ Winter 2021/22 to sow the seed Second Blossoming

starts Feb 2022 this will be over 12 weeks to integrate. 6 group online gatherings  offering and costs from  £555 if booked before December 15th  2021  . Price will increase 2022 places for 10-12 women

payment plan etc available

Why choose a Second Blossoming Mentor

Are you ready to choose again? 

Feeling stuck or invisable?

Interested and inspired by nature?

Feel you have no purpose anymore ?

Second Blossoming mentoring offer choices for you to start your journey or create and dive in (aware it might be uncomfortable at times) to create a life you love.

I create space to explore and sow new seeds. My values are  courage, freedom  love , abundance, joy, truth and peace.

Empowering us all to know our potential is limitless.

reclaim your joy to limitless potential and create a life you love…Are you ready to choose again?

Mid -life , times of transistion menopause,  as a time of deep wisdom to remember  the truth Empowering us all to know our potential is limitless.

About me
I have been self employed for 12yrs as a yoga facilitator , Bach Flower remedy consultant, reiki ,meditation, relaxation techniques, workshops and retreats, I love to hold space inspired by nature ,especially connecting to the moon and all the elements. Creative in all my work and life its an ongoing process,¬† a sense of freedom to express myself without limitation brings me joy. We have all I believe experienced 2020 /2021 in different ways during my experience of long haul covid¬†.¬† I have had the opportunity to get really clear on where and how I would like my life to blossom creatively inspired by nature to live the life I choose . You are welcome to join me on this journey….

“I have a garden to create and it is to beautiful not to share”¬† Jacqui Green (2020)

from my heart to yours email me if you would like more information 

 free ebook Second Blossoming is now available  

email jacqui@secondblossoming.com 




Edward Bach (1932) “free thyself”

How we can work together

creating a safe environment for you to create a life which is joy 


Diving deep together may include Bach flower remedies,

reiki, movement (yoga,dance)meditations and relaxation 


Second blossoming a programme for women

creative living inspired to live the life you choose (starts Sept2021)my ebook gives a deeper insight to this journey together


Weekend and day workshops to inspire you to choose again

Inspired by nature , walking meditation, movement, food and so much more…

Client Feedback

Kind words

“Using Jacqui’s Bach flower Remedies after one of her in-depth, fascinating, consultations was one of the best things I have done. Her Flower Remedies helped me achieve a trek in the Himalayas which without them I doubt I would have completed. Thank you Jacqui” (Helen Slater 2019)

Helen Slater Artist

2019 – UK

¬†If you are…

Experiencing a transition such as peri menopause, menopause, redundancy, children leaving home, divorce, infertility, have a vision, creative life , inspired by nature , feel there has to be more than this…..reclaim your joy

Jacqui as your Second Blossoming Mentor

“I have a garden to create and it is to beautiful not to share” Jacqui Green 2020

Flower essences provide a holding space for you to explore deeper, we remember who we truly are, for many of us it is a journey of unlearning and remembering our true nature. This journey together will offer you the opportunity to take a deep dive and sow the seeds to create the life which brings you joy.

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